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Premium services to meet the highest demands.

Due to the dimensions and complexity of their wealth, families with an entrepreneurial background are particularly demanding. This is because, apart from preserving and multiplying the liquid portion of that fortune, the task is to fulfil the array of requirements associated with both the private and corporate assets. For example, this can involve a tax-optimised means of handling the succession issue, protection against inflation, or the fine-tuning of your overall portfolio of holdings.

With us, you receive exclusive and solution-oriented counsel based on the qualities and virtues that bankers had in earlier years – and still have today at Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft:

  • we listen intently and ask probing questions in order to truly understand your situation and goals in life;
  • we conceive individualised solutions that help you to achieve your private and corporate goals;
  • we are a team of in-house and external specialists who implement those solutions for you.

In achieving your financial goals, you can enjoy all the advantage of a medium-sized bank that has all the capabilities of a major, internationally active bank. We draw on the extensive expertise acquired ever since 1899 in our dealings with professional and institutional clients.

As a strategic partner, we support you in the realisation of your financial objectives, with you and your individual goals taking centre stage.

Put us to the test in an initial, no-obligation discussion. We look forward to meeting you!