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Our philosophy of endowment management: Doing good, structuring your estate – and benefiting from advantages.

Are you interested in the range of «endowment management» services we offer? Just ask! We support you in your undertaking – from the establishment of a trust or foundation, to the administration of that entity, all the way through to the management of its assets.

What can we do for you?

We are pleased to be of assistance should you have any questions on the general topic of endowments. If you have already decided to establish a trust or foundation, we can accompany you along the way – from devising a viable concept, to drawing up the statutes, to the formal recognition of your endowment.

Even if you have arranged for your endowment to cooperate with other charitable institutions, or desire to link in with new networks, or require further detailed information from experts to assist in your foundation's undertakings, we can place our own network at your disposal or bring you up to speed at exclusive events dealing with endowment-specific topics.

You've decided not to establish your own trust or foundation?

Having one's own charitable organisation is not always the best route to take. Endowments in favour of existing foundations are frequently a suitable alternative. Our experts would be pleased to make suggestions that are sure to be in line with your visions.

Focus on the essential!

Trustees mostly have better things to do than deal with the bookkeeping, generation of annual reports and asset management matters. So delegate those day-to-day tasks to a professional administrator like us.

We also provide you access to highly qualified legal and tax advisors from our network of experts in effort to support you optimally in addressing special issues, for example within the framework of designating your successors or formulating your last will and testament.